Freshness of products

The maintained refrigeration chain guarantees the highest quality and durability of our assortment. This area is afforded particular attention in our shop.

This is why the products on our offer are not exposed to fluctuations of temperature during their journey from storerooms to your door. They also avoid being touched by numerous clients trying to choose best items.

All vehicles in our modern fleet feature three temperature zones designed for storage of different types of products, including deep frozen foods and fresh products. Our vehicles have ATP certificates (an international standard for transport of certain perishable foods) as well as the RRX and RRC homologation which guarantees compliance with the highest standards, not yet introduced in our country.

Deep frozen foods are transported in odourless bacteriostatic dry ice with the temperature of -78.5oC.

This is why guarantees maintenance of the refrigeration chain from the supplier to your fridge/freezer. A feat unattainable for regular shoppers transporting their purchases in their own cars.

Our warehouse is an ultra-modern facility specially adapted to Internet food sales. Specialist cold stores are able to use recovered heat to heat other storerooms located within the warehouse. Technologies applied there as well as its organisation come as an effect of our international experience. The Auchan Group has been trading on-line already since 2001!

We choose only trusted producers, holders of quality certificates, whom we have cooperated with within the frames of the Auchan Group for dozen or, sometimes, more years. Quality is our priority, that is why it is worth finding out that in AuchanDirect you can safely purchase all products, even those most sensitive such as meat, fish, deep frozen foods, and bakery.

Trained drivers do their best to make sure that the quality of products on our offer does not suffer in transport.

Shelf life in AuchanDirect

In our shop, each product has an assigned shelf life, we take care for the products which reach your hands to have the longest possible shelf life. Each product falling short of these requirements is removed from the AuchanDirect warehouse. Thanks to this, Clients are always sure that the products they purchase are always fresh.